Global Social Justice Institute


GSJI - Global Social Justice Institute

The purpose of the Global Social Justice Institute is to to foster, protect and promote the welfare and justice for working families  by bringing together mindful  citizens into an organization to promote smart policies which benefit and protect Colorado and USA Citizens.

The purpose is also create awareness and to inform the public on any issues that relate to goob working conditions, safe streets, and environmental policy that helps familes, including  sustainable tax policy, educational policy, racial harmony, anti-discrimination, and legislation etc.

This will be done as part of the Global Social Justice Institute's endorsement process in each county and state with the President’s supervision.

The goal of the GSJI  is to petition the government for better treatment on the issues of: family justice, criminal justice, worker justice, tax justicie, environmental farmer justice, anti-red-tape/regulatory justice, effective and safe health care, environmental rights, inner-city polution justice, anti-inner-city crime, quality education, entrepreneur/worker safety, and worker retirement benefits.

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